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First Things First

Heck yes, if you're reading this it means that we may be a match made in heaven! When it comes to my wedding and elopement photography I take chemistry very seriously. I mean, come on, your big day means a lot, and I am probably going to be hanging around for some of the most intimate moments, so I want to make sure that you feel loved and comfortable with me at all times. I want to be more than a photographer to you, so what does that mean?

I pride myself in capturing so many aspects of your day. I want to not only catch those great big moments of love and happy tears, but also the soft moments of squeezing your grandmas hand or spinning around the dance floor or stealing a kiss when you think no one is watching (spoiler alert - I’m always watching). My job is one where I wear many hats. As your wedding photographer I promise to tell you how beautiful you look over and over, to fix your hair when it gets a bit wild, to wipe away tears without messing up your makeup, to remind you just who this day is about when you are overwhelmed by love from family and friends new and old.. but most of all I promise that your day means the world to me. I will never treat you like a job. When you see me behind the camera during your vows, know that I am misty eyed with you. When you are dancing down the aisle, know that my heart sings for you too! When I am at home after the 40 millionth time of looking at that one picture that I am editing for your album, know that I am pouring my heart into making sure your memories are held with love and careful safekeeping. I was born for this job, and you choosing me to be there with you on this very intimate and special day, is never taken lightly in my book. So please know that if you choose me, you have a part of my heart, you make my life so much better, and every long weekend and late night and bug bite and bruise is all worth it because of you!




- night before coverage

- 10 hour wedding day

- day after session

- custom online gallery

- digital downloads

- print release

- complimentary engagement session 

$5000 +tax


- 8 hours coverage

- custom online gallery

- digital downloads

- print release

- complimentary engagement session



$4000 +tax

Half day

- 4 hours coverage

- custom online gallery

- digital downloads

- print release

$3000 +tax

ELOPEMENT/ intimate

- 4 hours coverage

- less than 10 people

- custom online gallery

- digital downloads

- print release



$2000 +tax


Travel + Accommodations


- fifty five cents per mile to and from location

- two night hotel/airbnb stay



- round trip airfare from Seattle Airport

- two night hotel/airbnb stay


Add On Coverage

Day Before Coverage - $500
Planning an epic rehearsal dinner for your 'ride or die's that are helping you plan this glorious wedding day? The setting up, the faux speeches, the tequila shots with your closest friends and family deserve their fifteen minutes of fame, too! These planning memories will last a lifetime!

Day After Session - $500

These day after sessions are some of my absolute favorite memories to capture. After the joyful hectic wedding day has come and gone, and you two are in that happily ever after stage, let's snuggle up in your bridal suite with breakfast in bed, or if you're the adventuring type, let's hit a local hike (maybe in your wedding attire?) and catch some intimate and exciting lovey-dovey moments!


Second Shooter - $400  (+travel if flying)
Talk about an insurance policy! Having a second shooter ensures that no moments go uncaptured, no angles are missed, and a second pair of hands never hurts! This add on is one of my most utilized options, and I can tell you that no one regrets that! Another perk of having a second is that you get two sets of creative eyes making art out of your big day!


We are so fortunate to have had Makenzy capture our story over the years. Not only is she incredibly talented, she truly goes beyond just being your photographer. She creates lasting memories and relationships while she’s capturing them. Her genuine passion for making a connection with you shines through in her work. Meaningful experiences on top of her amazing photos is what sets her apart. It’s rugged, cozy, happy, and so beautifully northwest. Go have a beer with her. Like, yesterday.
                        - Megan Bullock


Where do I even begin.. Makenzy was so incredibly lovely to work with! After our engagement shoot, my husband just kept mentioning how painless the shoot was and how easy Makenzy was to work with! He was right. She is open to ideas we had and talked us through the shoot! She is someone you are instantly comfortable around. Her photos are absolutely beautiful! She has an eye that produces incredible photos and captures moments that are so special. I highly recommend hiring Makenzy for any kind of photos you want. You will not be sorry.
             - Lindsey Bartkowski

We've looked at them (elopement photos) five times and can't stop! There are literally no words...
    - Melissa Hurley


Frequently Asked Questions


How many images are included?

I don't have a set number of images that I do each time, every wedding day is different. I promise you that I don't leave anything out, and there is no cap on images. The more time in your day that is set aside for photos, such as setting aside a half hour at sunset, or adding on a day after session, or special event times during the day like choreographed dances or anything of the sort, will obviously result in more photos because those moments tend to have more photo opportunities unlike times such as dinner, or getting ready, or traveling to and from the venue, in which there will be less photos taken at those times. At a minimum, I deliver 300 images on full wedding days, and 50 for couples shoots. 

Do you give raws?

In case you don't know, RAWs are unedited images, and nope, I do not. The reason is that editing is a HUGE part of the creative process, and my job isn't just to take the photos, it is to make them into art for you. If there are any images you want in black and white, or in color if I sent you the black and white, I can definitely do that. 

What if we need to cancel/reschedule our wedding?

Your deposit is non-refundable, so in the case of cancelling a wedding, a refund will not be available. If you need to reschedule, it will be dependent on if the new date is available to me. I only take on a set number of weddings each year, and chances are I have turned down other couples for the date you have booked, so the deposit is money that I depend on and a date that I have set aside for you when I could have potentially opened it up for another couple. 

What happens if you can't make it to our wedding?

Heaven forbid this happens, but in the case of something crazy happening, I will do my best to secure a replacement photographer for you, although, as per contract, I am not obligated to do so. If myself or the replacement cannot make it, you will be refunded the full amount. (**side note: this has never happened, not even when I was nine months pregnant**)

What if we need to reschedule our shoot because of the weather?

We can totally reschedule if the weather is treacherous, but some of my favorite shoots are in the rain/snow/hail etc.! Honestly, the wind and some funky weather are so much fun to add some spice into your photos, and rain gives me total Notebook vibes (if you have never seen The Notebook, go watch it right now and thank me later)! When the time comes we can decide together if we need to make other arrangements. No worries!

Great minds think alike

I'm sure after reading this you have a million questions about your day and what to expect from here on out. Let's hop on a quick call or FaceTime and get all of those questions answered and talk about where to go from here.

Contract + Deposit

Feeling good about our new status of best friends? Fuck yeah! I require a 50% non-refundable deposit and a signed contract in order to hold your date. After that the remaining 50% is due one month prior to your wedding/shoot, at this point I will book travel accommodations. 

Let the fun begin

Now for the best part, we get to plan your weird, silly, unique, totally you photoshoot or wedding day! I love being a part of the process, so don't be afraid to reach out with all the aspects of planning for my input. I have been around the block a time or two when it comes to this so I'm sure I can be so useful to you! Get ready for dancing in the sunset, diving in the lake, s'mores around the campfire, and definitely a beer or two! 


You ready?
Let's do this!


Let's create magic together.