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Makenzy Smith-Bradow


Who am i?


Makenzy Smith.

I cuss, a lot. I love a good cold beer, and I love going on adventures with my two Siberian huskies, Winnie and Barrett.


I am a mother to a beautiful one year old boy, his name is Weston and he has my heart.

I love a good canadian tuxedo, wind blown hair, and I appreciate the messy and wild parts of being a human. I got into photography as a sort of fluke, and I fell in love with people over and over again. The way people shy away from having their photo taken, the nervous laughter that comes when you ask them to open up to you, the way people try to hide their crows feet or their ridiculous laughs or the parts of their bodies that they deem too big or too small, I love all of it.


I am from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, and I spend a good amount of time photographing people in the National Parks around here or exploring the Seattle area in search of the best sushi.

Let’s book something magical!


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Seattle, WA
(360) 460-4598


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