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Makenzy Smith-Bradow


letter from your photographer;


Come as you are. Your photo shoot, your wedding day, is about YOU. It can be difficult, but leave your insecurity at the door. This isn’t about the perfectly posed image to wow your facebook feed. This is about creating moments, raw and genuine. This is about artwork to fill your walls, and the glorious mess of joy that God created when he hand crafted your heart.

So let your eyes close when you belly laugh, let the tears run down your cheeks unapologetically when the one you love says their vows in front of the ones that make your life so precious. Let your mascara smudge, your dress get dirty, and your heart be full.

When it comes to your outfits, don’t stress. Grab that denim jacket that’s worn in all the right places, the boots that have seen you through some rough terrain, and those earrings handed down from your grandma.
Let’s create photos that bring you nostalgia, lets make memories that make you smile when you see them, bring me you. unfiltered, uncensored, and magnificent you.



Let's meet up for beers or a veggie pizza (or both) and talk about what (or who) sets your soul on fire and make some lifelong art out of your precious memories.



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